Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Chilli Sauces

It's so hard to find the perfect chilli sauce, Here is some that I have tried and reviewed in no particular order... I have also included Chilli Oils.

This sauce is not too spicy, maybe not spicy enough in fact! It starts off as quite addictive but soon becomes sickly, It's the exact consistency of ketchup. I think it is thinkened with some kind of starch, too much filler in other words not enough chilli. Works with Chips. Also too SWEET! 5/10

UNBRANDED CHINESE CHILLI OIL (picture may not be accurate)
I bought this at a Chinese supermarket in china town.
it was unbranded and didnt have ingredients the first time
I bought it, it's very chinese tasting, only works with chinese food.
Later I found out the ingredients included Shrimp, Sesame oil and MSG.
the MSG made it addictive, sesame oil made it chinesey and the Shrimp made it not suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans. 6/10

VEGETARIAN CHILLI OIL (picture may not be accurate)
I got this from a foreign foods stall at a car boot sale, it is a vegetarian version of the above, was really nice but still only works with chinese food.

This is really tasty chilli sauce but sometimes too hot to handle, i don't think
it's important for chilli sauce to be VERY hot. I'm not in it for the macho kudos alright? I want that tasty chilli taste, I like to be able to taste the chilli but not be in pain, that puts me in a bad mood when I'm trying to eat. For some reason the taste of this chilli sauce reminds me of the smell of freshly baked bread, really nice, really wholesome tasting. Works with everything! 8.5/10

This chilli sauce, imported from Mexico is hot but bearable it really only works with Mexican foods like burritos and bean chili because of the spices used.
My parents bought it for me from America for $6.45, later I saw it at the aforementioned imported foods stall at a boot sale and it was £9!! I thought, wow they got a bargain! but.... last week... I saw it in Morrisons SuperMarket
for like 99p so go out and buy it if you like mexican food. 6/10


This hot sauce is delicious, works with all foods, Italian, Chinese, Indian,
English (Potato Products ahah), ....Portuguese!
I buy Medium cos I love the taste so I always put loads on (AND BTW I DONT EAT CHICKEN!). I think it's the onions that make it so addictive! 9/10

I was hoping to find slightly cheaper alternative to the Nandos equivalent....
but.... I dont know WHO could like this sauce, I've paid money for it so I TRIED to make myself eat it but can't stop SPITTING IT OUT on reflex. It says it contains 'lemons' on the ingredients, the lemon taste is overwhelming, and I wouldnt mind if it actually tasted like lemon, it tastes like lemon sherbets (those boiled sweets) or like Flash Lemon Fresh floor cleaner. it's not natural!!! there might be SOME recipe this goes with but I havent found it yet. 1/10
This chilli sauce was a pale translucent colour which was a bit suspicious, cos sometimes it means it'll be too sweet, only the chinese can do sweet chilli sauce okay? but that's another story. Well it didnt taste like sweet chilli sauce and it certainly didnt taste mexican. REALLY! It tastes exactly like that sweet mint/ chilli/ coriander chutney you get with samosas from indian restaurants or shops (which would be ok but it came in a small bottle so you can only have a tiny bit, unlike at Indian food shops where you get a whole cup!). So... good with samosas and pakoras, not with mexican food. It has mint in the ingredients.
A lot of sweet chilli sauces are very similar, this one was very nice!
and comes in a really big squeezy bottle. But some sweet chilli sauces taste different.... like Asda's own, which is alright but doesnt have that special... something so... in conclusion, Thai Kitchen sweet chilli sauce is a safe bet, tastes great with noodles and also potato wedges or chips.

I think... that tesco's chilli infused olive oil is the best, cant really remember cos I havent bought it for ages. but the problem I came across with sainsbury's chilli oil was that it had 'chilli extract' instead of just 'chilli' on the ingredients. so the tesco one tasted more of fresh chilli it came in a bottle with a black lable with a picture of a chilli pepper. Great on Pasta, Pizza and...wedges... 8/10

I have tried other chilli sauces but cant remember if they were any good, dont really think much of tobasco, too vinegary, cant taste the chilli, if you know of any really good chilli sauces let me know!!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I hate logging in

yeah I hate logging in to things, having to type your password and shit.... so annoying, I especially hate how after I've logged into the new MSN Messenger, I click on my e-mail and I have to log in AGAIN! it never remembers me...
I resent all these security checks being a person who has never once had any account hacked from phishing scams or whatever, who falls for that shit, loads of ppl I know have had their e-mail, facebook and myspace hacked. Not really 'Hacked' since no hacking was really involved they basically gave their password away to some window that popped up and asked for it. haha.

I bet I get hacked now I've said that. :P