Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Things that happened yesterday and today

Okay, my normal blogging style is one of openness and honesty. I assure you, reader, this has not changed. A thing you may notice, however, is that in this particular blog, my tone is a lot less... negative? self-critical? World-weary? This is not because I have let the lord Jesus Christ into my heart, oh no, not this time. This is because I have just had a very good 24 hours! Possibly, 24 hours I will remember forever!

Yesterday I went out, to Marylebone campus to a meeting about the third runway, in which I didn't alienate anyone (unlike SOMEONE I know) and had a lot of things to say (you forget how much you know about a topic). And Helen came so that was great!

Then me and Sam went to Brixton to see Bomb the Music Industry! at the Windmill which is a great venue with loads of stickers everywhere and posters, I even put a colour me wednesday sticker up above the bar.
Anyway, during one of the support acts I asked Jeff Rosenstock (of bomb the music industry fame, oh yes) if I could sing 'yesterday's lunch'(a Lemuria song) with him, Sheena's part. And he said yeah and then he went and started his set and the crowd went wild, well it seemed wild cos it's such a tiny venue but it was all positive and lovely.
And then he called me up on stage and everyone started chanting:
'Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer! Go Jennifer! GO JENNIFER! WOO JENNIFER! I love your hat.'
(this is sounding like some crazy hallucination where I'm queen of the world brought on by over exposure to dissertation, but no!)
So I got up on stage and sang the song, there weren't any monitors so I couldn't hear myself at all but Sam says I sounded good.
It was so great, when I think of it now it's like some kind of escapist fantasy... like when you've had a really happy dream and you just want to stay asleep. Then when the song was over everyone was like:


and it was wonderful, I wasn't even nervous really cos everyone was so nice, even the guy that threw up on the stage! :P

anyway, today, I woke up and finished my dissertation WOOO!

And then me and Sam went to Tesco and bought a Gazette because Colour Me Wednesday is in it!! And the article actually isn't that bad, I mean they misquoted us a bit, and got us mixed up but that's inevitable. It's just a nice thing to have, it's kinda surreal and funny! Like it's not us, it's the media version of us... the mediation...
Anyway, it promotes our next gig and doesn't make us look like corporate bastards.

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soph said...

woooo! how cool!!
and just what are hillingdon roots ??