Tuesday, 13 April 2010

today I went to Eastbourne

early in the morning. took Hat's camera but didn't have anything to photograph most of the time or wasn't used to having a camera. But anyway I walked to Eastbourne town and went in nearly all the charity shops but being an old-lady town there is only old lady stuff or just really mundanely naff and over-priced stuff - Jeans for a fiver, yeah? Think again Scope!- I bought some stockings and a pleated grey skirt that I plan to revamp to look like this>>>
. They have about 20 charity shops but that ain't saying much really.
I also saw some shop window that was being used to show some art that was pretty cool
cos it has a John Lennon quote and a Bill Hicks quote which was apt cos I was wearing my Hicks Lives t-shirt (which is on it's way out cos I made it in 2004!) I liked this art cos it looked kinda shambolic and thrown together, has a sixth-form-esque naivity rather than being stupidly slick and expensive and oblique and BLAAND like the art they wanted us to make at uni.
Anyway then I went back to my nan's granny flat for old dears and had some soup and apple juice:

there's me in the mirror, and my nan and my dad and the window fitter in the doorway.

And my nan must smell of lollies cos I spotted she uses chupa chups body spray (flavour: 'I love me')

and my nan passes the time by perving on this pigeon that lives in the tree outside her window which she insists 'isn't a common pigeon, must be part dove', of course it is. THE END.

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Akbar Ali said...

Take me to Eastbourne.