Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dr. Who series 5 episode 2

so, the future citizens of the UK find out that an animal is being tortured for their supposed benefit and this is SO appalling that they all press the 'forget' button (which erases their memory) because they can't cope with the truth?

OK so they must all be, like, vegans in the future because meat eaters do that every day and they don't need no mind-erasey-device!


Mal said...

Well, it's interesting that you see it as an animal, and they see it as a highly intellegent and very sentient form of life.

But yeh, not a great episode. The next two are pretty great though.

Jennifer said...

Tim you just proved my point.
The message of this episode is on the surface good, they are saying they don't agree with the torture of an animal, right? But what the episode has actually made you feel is that torture of THIS animal is REALLY REALLY bad just cos it's a space whale.

And that if we tortured a space whale people would be traumatised at the thought, but people aren't traumatised at the thought of the iraq war, of millions of sweat-shop labour kids, of the REAL whales we are making extinct, of the discomfort and death of billions of cattle, ditto for chickens, and the implications for our environment etc. So why would one space whale mean anything to the people who let all this shit happen for years on end?
This episode has made you think you are a compassionate person cos you would definitely care about a space whale yeah? I mean, you don't care about the real people and animals suffering in the world but you know, if the UK was in space you'd definitely, definitely draw the line somewhere... just give it a millenium or maybe two...
(by the way, Tim, this isn't aimed at you directly, I'm talking in general about the way the episode makes people feel, including me)


Akbar Ali said...

I'm not enjoying these episodes.

Mal said...

Well I definitely agree with all of that. Except that the only two options to vote on are Protest and Forget, so what I liked to think is that most people on the ship don't give a shit and don't want to die so the only option to press is Forget :P But yeh you're right, the theme of the episode that they kept trying to drill across was that hey this is real bad everyone. There have been a couple episode like that, I didn't really enjoy them so much. Maybe I don't like looking at myself in the mirror! Also I don't like this type of character that Liz 10 is that they keep introducing. It was cool and unique when they did it with that Torchwood leader woman and she's all Queen and Country, but now they've ruined that by copy/pasting it and the whole Fuck yeh we're British and we fucking love Royalty! Yeeeeaaaahhhh shoot some guns yeeeaaahhh.

(and I know its not aimed at me! I just really like talking about Doctor Who :P )

Sometimes I can't really tell what they're trying to say about a person or a situation in episodes which I really like because it means they don't have some agenda. I don't like it when they try to force you into believe this option is right and this is wrong. Which was what was great when that episode started, but then in the end the Doctor was all, Nope, this is definitly wrong, you should all be ashamed of yourself. Go sit on the naughty step.

Jennifer said...

yeah that Liz 10 woman had a really bad accent!!! CRINGE!
yeah totally they should have had a third button that was 'don't give a shit about no space whale'

Jennifer said...

Yeah also, I mean, great the doctor cares about the space whale and everything AWW how nice, but... he ate bacon in the previous episode!!! and fish fingers!

Mal said...

He would have eaten Space Whale if she'd had any in the fridge. It's best fricasseed.

Keep watching though! The angel episodes are pretty good. And don't have a moral subtext.

Jennifer said...

oh I've seen the next one already, yeah gotta love those weeping angels.

And EVERYTHING has a moral subtext... you can only see it out of the corner of your eye though. like prisoner zero.