Thursday, 5 March 2009

I get the appeal

I totally get the appeal now... (of twitter)... at least I think I do. In the case of celebrities, such as Slavoj Zizek, or Russell Brand, who I am following, they are saying such trivial things, it feels really personal, and they said it so RECENTLY you have instant access to talk to them. This blog nearly turned out as brief as a Tweet. I will elaborate... at the moment I feel a bit blinkered by it, I can see what people have written, sometimes in response to someone else's tweet but it doesn't immediately show you the other half of the conversation, I also have no one following me, so it really does feel like eavesdropping... to half of a conversation. In conclusion, appealing but limited. esp. without a blackberry.

EDIT: (Zizek and Brand are terrible examples of triviality as Zizek actually sparks intellectual debate and Brand is always trivial :P )

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