Thursday, 5 March 2009

Number One, I live in my momma house

I pulled a dead flattened mouse out of the bottom of my trainer the other day.
I thought maybe it was a sock or something I'd left in the end of the shoe but I when I pulled it out it was all stiff and spikey then I saw it was a flattened curled up mouse in my hand I screamed and ran to the bathroom to wash my hands a few hundred times. I can only blog about it now cos the memory of the HORROR has faded.

Anyway, lots of gigs coming up, I wish I had more charisma...
Yesterday me and Sam and a girl called Markella gave away cakes for art... students at uni could have free cakes if they did a piece of art on a postcard. It's for Sam's exhibition People Planet
Where anyone can submit artwork or perform, it opens on the 19th March.

Apparently... Harriet wants to move away to go to uni (cos she's a traitor and she hates me) and my mum wants to turn her room into a kitchen and wants me and Sam to live in the cabin instead of moving out and pay her rent n stuff... Sam wants to paint the living room off-white. I prefer pure white tho. and we'll need a wardrobe.

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soph said...

ummmm any explanation for the dead mouse??!!